Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Bride

...brought to you by the new, and complettely amazing Nikon D3, ...and a lovely bride!

I don't usually have a lot of time to review past weddings once I've finished editing them, but the recent wedding I shot in San Diego was different. It's the first wedding I've shot with the new Nikon flagship DSLR, the D3. It's likely the most advanced digital camera on the planet, and its precision is truly amazing. So, I've spent a few hours that I normally wouldn't to study the images from this wedding and gain some insight into this camera's personality.

This is by far the most advanced and configurable camera I've ever shot, and it's going to take some time to explore its posibilities. But I knew imediately upon picking it up that no camera before had felt so natural and well balanced. I think this may be the first camera that will just "get out of the way" and let me take pictures. I'll post more updates as I learn this amazing camera.

But in the mean time, as I study the images from the D3, I keep finding images that I can't resist adding a little photoshop magic to. This is an image of the lovely bride enhanced with an "old photo" treatment.

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Melanie Merkling Photography said...

What a beautiful and timeless shot Mark!
I am majorly coveting your D3 btw :)