Thursday, November 29, 2007

The "Digital Negatives"


Why do I offer the "digital negatives" included with your wedding album? Because I am not a salesman.

Many photographers will not release the digital files because their pricing models require them to make additional sales after the wedding in order to turn a profit. But because a fee is charged up front for the service and my talent, I can focus on creating great work in a relaxed atmosphere without worrying about how many prints, frames, etc. that I have to sell afterward.

My goal is to provide excellent customer service and build a relaxed and friendly relationship with each customer. So charging the creative fee up front allows me to only be a salesman once, during the initial meeting, because I don't have to sell anything else to make a living. And as a customer, you can rest assured that you won't get hit with any surprise costs after the wedding.

Now, my customers may choose to get their reprints from me, or to upgrade their albums because there are so many good shots, but I don't have to feel pressured to make that happen. In fact, there are plenty of good reasons to buy reprints from me, here are several:

1. When you buy reprints from me, the color and density correction is always right, so the prints will always look beautiful. If you go to Sam's Club, or Costco, the prints will never look as good as they should.
2. Asking your friends and family to make their own orders online is far more convenient than the hassle of having to coordinate multiple orders from all the aunts and uncles. That's a hassle you don't need!
3. While my reprint prices are higher than the mini-print labs at Costco, I don't mark them up for maximum profit, and they are better quality prints. The difference in cost might make a small difference today, but the difference in quality will make a big difference for many years to come.

*So, what if you haven't ordered a wedding album? No problem, you can still add on the "digital negatives" if you want them.

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