Saturday, December 1, 2007

Portrait Session With Miriam

Miriam has an amazing story, ...too much to tell in a single post. She's done so much for someone her age! She's a single mother, business owner, investor, musician, ...even a licensed helicopter pilot, ...enough to make your head spin. She has an energy an drive that doesn't stop.

She also loves to be photographed. I've photographed Miriam several times, and its always a joy. I'll post more about her story in the future, but just to tease you; get this, ...she grew up in a religious commune, and they didn't even have electricity!

This photo is from shoot last week. The shoot was actually a boudoir shoot she did for a special someone, so there's not much I can post. But we took this one in a park near her home before we did the boudoir set.

Stay tuned for more of Miriam's story in the future!

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