Monday, November 19, 2007

What's in my bag?

I get ask this question a lot; mostly by other photographers. But occasionally a bride, groom or parent who is a camera buff will ask about my equipment.

I'm not a brand loyalist. I shoot the best quality equipment, and right now, that leave a choice of Nikon and Canon. Beyond that I like a camera that I connect with; one that has features and a control layout that feels natural to me. For me, that's Nikon.

So, here's the list of things you may find in my bag right now:
(though, not all of it at any one time)

Camera Bodies:

Nikon D300 camera bodies
Fuji S5 Pro with grip (this camera has a magic all its own!)
Nikon D70 (bought it years ago as backup; have never had to use it)


Nikon 17-55 2.8
Nikon 18-200 3.5-5.6 VR
Nikon 50 1.4
Sigma 30 1.4
Nikon 85 1.4
Nikon 105 2.0 DC


4 Nikon SB800s
Pocket Wizard slaves (although I find the SB800s built-in system very reliable indoors)

Other Stuff:

Cards: 4 Sandisk 16GB Extreme IIIs
Other Cards: Misc. Sandisks of various sizes
Lexar stackable card readers
Various batteries
Showit Software
Bottled water
Granola bars
Change for the parking meter

So, now you know what's in my bag! Post a comment to tell me what's in your bag!

Will the amazing Nikon D3 be making an appearance in my bag? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Mark. But where are the pics with D300? Your most recent wedding pics are from the 5D. Thanks.

Mark Barnes said...

Reply from Mark:
Hello Anonymous, I've never shot with a 5D at a wedding; and actually, I've never had a 5D of my own (though I would be happy to). I'm curious as to what makes you think that the pics from my 04-26-08 wedding are from the 5D? Anyhow, for the record, to this date, there are no images on this blog from any Canon camera.