Sunday, February 10, 2008

Becker's Party Of 5 Was Awesome

I just had the most incredible opportunity to meet The Becker. Becker is one of the best (and most successful) wedding photographers in the world. Five of us spent the day at the [b] pad, [b]ecker's [b]eautiful home in the OC. Becker is so open and generous with info about how he has generated his success! There was lots of priceless info, and it was fun too.

We also had opportunity to shoot a real engagement session with a couple who's wedding he'll be shooting later in the year. Becker kicked out hundreds of awesome images in no time, and each of the 5 got to shoot too. I've posted one of my shots here. Check out [b]ecker's blog for more. I'll post a few more tomorrow, but for now, I'm [b]eat. Thanks [b].

And here's a pic of [b] in action...


Anonymous said...

hey there, thanks for coming down. you've got a great eye and i am sure it won't be long before people start hearing your name around. take care, [ b ]

Lara said...

Mark, it was so nice to meet you and learn alongside you yesterday! I love the blog - be sure to keep in touch!