Monday, December 17, 2007


I have been so fortunate to have really wonderful couples as customers. And Lemuel and Joyce are no exception. Well, ...really, they are exceptional! Not only was their wedding one of the most fabulous I've photographed. But I was thrilled to see the members of the family interacting with one another in a unusually warm and genuine way. This family is truly blessed.

And I have been blessed to have Lemuel and Joyce as customers. I was thrilled when Lemuel sent me this email note from the road shortly after their wedding:

Joyce and I are traveling (she decided to go with me on a business trip!). We have reviewed the pictures and are surprised with the excellence of your work and extremely surprised at what was captured. You have done very good work!
Thank you!
+ Lemuel Nathaniel Moore II

Thank you Lemuel, Joyce, and family!

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